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 World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA-08)
 Action Plan

Many Resolutions agreed at WTSA-08 gave tasks to members and ITU-T’s secretariat the Telecommunication Standardization Bureau (TSB).

The Action Plan details the actions, their associated responsibilities, necessary collaborations, reports and finally status. It is intended as a living document with TSB responsible for its upkeep.

For those who would like a printed version, the document supports convenient printing, and allows all of the entries for each Action Item to be displayed on a single sheet of paper. The document also gives the ability to sort the Action Items by any of the columns, such as all those for TSB action, or all those requiring a report to Council, and then to restore the original order by sequential Action Item number.

The WTSA Action Plan as of 28 June 2012 can be downloaded here.

The features of the Action Plan include the following:

  1. Summary sheets:
    1. Each Resolution number in the first column is hot-linked to download the full text of the relevant Resolution.
    2. The full title of each Resolution is shown, as well as a compendium for that particular Resolution of all the entities that have been instructed or invited to take action (i.e., TSB, General Secretariat, Member States, Sector Members, Study Groups and TSAG), the other ITU entities requested to cooperate with TSB (i.e., General Secretariat, BDT and BR) and reporting requirements (i.e., Council, WTSA-12 and TSAG).
  2. Detailed sheets:
    1. The Action Items are listed by Resolution number followed by a sequential action item number, and each Action Item number is hot-linked to download the full text of the relevant Resolution.
    2. Each box in the column showing the full title of each Resolution has a Comment which appears when the cursor is moved over that box, in which the Comment gives the exact, full text of the Resolves, Instructs and Invites of that Resolution. No paraphrasing or summarization has been done.
    3. The next column, column C, shows the name of the person in TSB with primary responsibility for that Action Item.
    4. The Action Items (Column D) represent the current view.
    5. The milestone dates in some cases are specific dates, such as those that are required in order to prepare reports in good time for upcoming meetings of Council, TSAG and WTSA-12, or dates when specific action items are to be completed. In other cases, the Action Items are recurring, usually through the work of the study groups or Bureau, and will take place throughout the study period – these are shown as “on-going”.
    6. The final column (Column R) is for Status reporting, including hotlinks to other relevant documents as appropriate.


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