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Workshop on "Next Generation Networks"

Geneva, 9-10 July 2003

CVs of the speakers


Keith Dickerson has worked in the ICT industry for 25 years and is currently Head of Standards for the BT Group of companies as part of the Office of the CTO. He provides direction to BT’s standards activities, identifying the key technologies to BT and the standards required to support these. Keith directs a team of professional engineers participating in standards in all areas related to telecommunications and IT. He is responsible for developing strategies for participation in bodies such as ITU, CEN, ETSI, IETF, TMF, W3C, OMA and many others. He is also a member of the Internet Society (ISOC). 

Keith has worked in many areas of standardization within ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute) and ITU including Human Factors, Services, Multimedia, Networks and Architecture. He was an active participant in the ETSI Strategic Review Committee on the EII (SRC6) and subsequently led work on Telecommunications and Information Architecture as Vice Chairman responsible for strategy of the ETSI Technical Committee on Network Aspects. Keith was elected to the Board of ETSI in November 2002. 

Since February 1997, Keith has also been the CEN ICT Rapporteur and Chairman of the CEN/ISSS Forum, which manages and sets direction for the CEN/ISSS workshop programme. In March 2000, Keith was elected Chairman of the ICT Standards Board (ICTSB), the body which coordinates the standards activities of the 3 European Standards Organizations and 15 fora and consortia. He has since led initiatives to clarify the role of ICTSB, widen its membership, and strengthen links with EU RTD programmes. He is very supportive of the ways of working of ICTSB, and is keen to contribute to further improving its effectiveness and accountability in support of European Industry. 

From 1995-2000 Keith was an active participant in the ETNO Working Group on ICT Standards and drafted many contributions on topics related to European and global standards. From 1998/9 he was secretary to the High Level Strategy Group for ICT Standards (HLSG) and made many presentations on HLSG recommendations to ICTSB and other bodies. 

From 1992-5, Keith lived and worked in Brussels as a member of the RACE Consensus Management project, where he was responsible for downstreaming the results of the EU RACE and ACTS R&D programmes to international standards. Keith has made over 100 contributions to international standards bodies including ITU, ISO and ETSI on a wide range of topics including man-machine interfaces, services, and telecommunications and information systems architectures. 

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