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Workshop on "Next Generation Networks"
Geneva,  9-10 July 2003


Standards Requirements for the 21st Century Network

Dr K R Dickerson
BT Group Standards Manager

The 21st Century network will be radically different from previous networks in that it must respond to the rapid convergence of data networking with real time 'telecommunications' services and mobility. This means that the next generation network will look radically different from those offered today and is more likely to be based on a mobile (3GPP-like) architecture than a fixed network architecture. Standardisation will need to address areas such as:

· Mobile architectures to support user and terminal mobility across a wide range of terminals. 

· Application architecture to allow a wide range of applications and application platforms to use the capabilities they and the network have.

· Systems (OSS) architecture to transform the user experience and create real ‘zero-touch’ management systems. 

· Security standards to support end-to-end security for all users across any access from any client.

· IP and data networking generally to provide end-to-end per session control and QoS and converge on a single IP network approach for all services.

· Access architecture including DSL, optical, Ethernet and wireless.

· Home gateways to ensure integration with residential networks and equipment in a seamless way to maximise the benefits of telecommunications services to home users. 

· Instant messaging and presence protocols to provide real time indications of the availability of other participants over a wide area network. 

The presentation will give BT’s ideas on what the 21C network should be and the elements is should contain. It will also identify the critical areas that must be standardized in order to obtain the levels of interoperability and service interworking required to be attractive to a wide range of customers and market sectors. 

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