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 ISO/ITU Joint Workshop on Standards on ITS Communications
 Kyoto, Japan, 24 August 2011 (9:30 - 12:45) Contact:

Opening address from ITU; Mr. Reinhard Scholl (ITU Secretariat)

Good morning, and welcome to Japan. [Greeting in Japanese].

I would like to thank the Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC) and the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) for organizing this Joint ISO/ITU Workshop on Standards on ITS Communications

Lots of people worked in the background whom I don’t know, but I would like to say a big thank you in particular to Yoichi Maeada, head of TTC and chairman of ITU-T SG 15 (Transport and Access), to Yushi Naito, chairman of ITU-T SG 16 (Multimedia), and to Russ Shields, Convener of ISO TC 204 WG 16 (Wide area communications) for their strong support. And of course the colleagues in the ISO Secretariat and the ITU Secretariat who worked very closely in the weeks preceding this meeting.

ITS is a complex field
  • Role of governments and regulators
    • Focus on road safety, environment, etc.
    • Different ministries/departments involved: Transportation, Commerce, Communications, Environment, Health
    • Japan: MLIT Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism responsible for
  • Role of industry:
    • Global vehicle markets; Increasing mobility of people
    • Different sectors involved
      • Automotive, ICT, Utilities, Insurance
What is the role of ITU on ITS communications?
  • Leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies
  • Focal point for governments and private sector
  • Global membership: 192 (soon 193) Member States, 700 Sector Members and Associates (industry), new membership category for academia
  • ITU Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R):
    • Responsible for the management of RF spectrum and satellite orbits
      • Basis for the functioning of any wireless communication in ITS
      • Enables applications based on services such as the global positioning system (GPS)
      • Handbook on Land Mobile and ITS
  • ITU-T:
    • Multimedia coding, systems and applications (ITU-T Study Group 16)
      • Vehicle gateway platform for ITS services/applications (Question 27 / 16)
    • Performance, QoS and QoE (ITU-T SG 12)
      • Standards for hands-free communication in vehicles
    • Optical transport networks and access network infrastructures (ITU-T SG 15)
      • Power line communication standards enable vehicle-to-grid and vehicle-to-charging station communications
    • Focus Group on Car Communications:
      • Speech quality of hands-free systems
      • Requirements for speech recognition in vehicles
    • Focus Group on Driver Distraction (Scott Pennock)
      • Assessment of cognitive load of driving tasks
      • Design guidance for ICT/ITS applications (integrated and nomadic devices)
      • Management of information flow and message formats between driver and automotive cockpit
In addition, ITU has been leading the organization of the joint ITU, ISO and IEC workshop, The Fully Networked Car at the Geneva International Motor Show, that has taken place for the sixth time this year.

ITU is also in the process of concluding an agreement with UN/ECE, the United Nations for Economic Commission for Europe, concerning co-operation in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Why this Task Force?
  • ITS have come a long way, the field is evolving quickly
  • ITS standardization activities and solutions are rather siloed in scope, participation and region
  • Global, inclusive and collaborative approach towards ITS standardization is needed
  • ITU has experience in standardization in areas related to ITS, automotive and ICT
  • ISO has longstanding experience in Intelligent Transport Systems
ITU can bring together major ITS stakeholders, from governments to industry, from all around the world

Collaboration of ITU and ISO

Ties with ISO and IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) are very strong. 10% of ITU-T’s standards is joint work with ISO and IEC. The fruits of this collaboration has resulted in, for example, the Primetime Emmy Award for the video compression standard (ITU-T H.264 in ITU parlance, MPEG in ISO/IEC parlance). And the draft terms of reference for the ISO ITU Joint Task Force on ITS Communications are based on the Terms of Reference of the successor of the successful project mentioned just mentioned, the Joint Collaborative Team on Video Coding Standard Development, which, incidentally, were also agreed on in Kyoto in January 2010. The ISO ITU Task Force on ITS Communications has also the backing of all the ITU-T study group chairmen.

Thank you very much for coming to Kyoto, and we look forward to your contributions to this workshop.


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