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Opportunities and Challenges in Home Networking
Geneva, 13 - 14 October 2005

Mr. Houlin ZHAO
Director, Telecommunication Standardization Bureau

Mr. Chairman,
Distinguished delegates,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good morning,

On behalf of ITU, please let me welcome you to this Workshop on “Opportunities and Challenges in Home Networking”.

In the Information Age, people enjoy many electronic services and entertainment, both at home and in the community. Home Networking is the linking of all types of electronic devices for multiple applications including telecommunication, home automation and control (remote control and monitoring systems) and support of the elderly and people with disabilities. Given the wide range of previously unrelated technologies involved, standards that allow for interoperability and sharing of resources and that are consistent unaware of its source (especially ITU, IEC or ISO) are seen as key to the successful marketing of networked homes.

ITU-T, in particular Study Group 9, has been working on standardization in home networking systems for more than four years. Study Group 9 has already approved three Recommendations in the field. A current focus is a new Recommendation that will specify ways to bridge conditional access systems (that ensure payment in pay TV for example) to digital rights management (DRM) systems, an important step toward smooth operation of fully integrated home networking. Study Group 15 has included the requirements of Home Networking in their mandate as per WTSA-04 Resolution 2. Other Study Groups, such as Study Group 16, have also some work concerning Home Networking.

At the last ITU-T SG Chairmen’s meeting, as well as at the last TSAG meeting (both were held in March 2005), an agreement was reached to take new initiatives to further strengthen our standardization work on Home Networking. We set up a Joint Coordination Activity on Home Networking. We also agreed to establish this workshop which will provide an overview of the technology as well as an examination of standards that address access, services, performance, Quality of Service, electromagnetic interference and security issues. The workshop will also provide a framework for moving forward such standardization work.

The specific objectives of this workshop include:
  • Current and planned activities for the integration in the Home Network of the internet, multimedia services and applications, interactive broadcasting, telephony, domestic appliances and telemetry.
  • Outline the service and business models for Home Networking.
  • Consider the support of Home Networking in the Next Generation Network.
  • Review the existing international standardization framework and promote its applications in the deployment of home networking solutions.
  • Identify future requirements for international standardization and collaboration with ITU T/R Study Groups, ISO/IEC, SDOs, forums, etc.

I am pleased to note the fact that two companies have prepared small, but important exhibitions to show their products of Home Network.

I note with great pleasure that we have experts from various SGs, ISO and IEC, representatives from industry forums, and delegates from both developing countries and developed countries at this workshop. In short, the participation of this workshop is well balanced. I hope that you will not only find this workshop useful, but that you will also make a proposal to TSAG in November to provide a clear focus for our efforts which will strengthen our international impact in this important field.

Dear delegates,

I am glad to announce that five European telecommunication operators, BT, France Télécom, Deutsche Telekom, Telecom Italia, and Telefónica have kindly sponsored coffee breaks and a cocktail. Tonight, you all are invited to join the cocktail. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their kindness, and wish you enjoy it.

Last but not least, I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to the steering committee which has made enormous efforts to turn this workshop into a reality. I would like to thank all Session Chairs, Speakers, and Moderators for having accepted our invitation to participate in this workshop. I would also like to express my appreciation for the attention and presence of our participants and delegates.

I wish you a successful meeting.

Thank you for your attention.


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