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 The fully networked human? − Innovations for future networks and services
  ITU Kaleidoscope event, 12 − 14 December 2011, Cape Town, South Africa


Jules Verne's corner

Make possible the impossible:



13 December 2011

18:15 - 19:15


Paolo Rosa, Head of Workshops and Promotion Division, (ITU/TSB)

Mr Rosa received his degree in physics in 1974 in Rome, Italy, and joined the R&D branch of the Italian Ministry of Communication working on optical fibers transmission networks, in national and international standards and leading quality control inspection teams for international telecommunication projects.

He was head of national delegations for standardization and research studies performed in IEC, ITU, ETSI, CECC, COST and represented the Italian Ministry of Communications in various international institutions including the European Commission task force for the G7 pilot projects on the Information Society.

Paolo was appointed as expert and senior advisor by the Italian Foreign Office, the UNDP and ITU for telecommunication projects in various developing countries worldwide.

In 1997 he joined the ITU-T secretariat in Geneva as Counselor responsible for Study Groups 6 (Outside plant), and SG 15 (Optical and other transport networks) and representing ITU in various events. Since November 2004 he is the Head of the Workshops and Promotion Division of the ITU Standardization Sector, organizing events and promoting new ITU-T activities for resolutions concerning developing countries, conformance and interoperability, universities.

He is author of several papers published in international technical magazines and speaker and lecturer in universities, international conferences, seminars and workshops.
Roberto Saracco (Telecom Italia, Italy)

Roberto Saracco is the Director of the Future Centre in Venice and responsible for innovative telecommunications architectures and scientific communications reporting directly to the Strategy Officer of Telecom Italia.

In 2001 he became director of the Future Centre, a research centre focusing on the economic impact of innovations in the telecommunications area. During 1999 and 2000, Roberto proposed and delivered a World Bank project in the InfoDev framework to speed entrepreneurship in Latin American countries, and prior, 1999 and 2000, he proposed and carried out a World Bank project in the InfoDev framework to foster entrepreneurship in Latin America countries.

Roberto chaired the Visionary Group (1996-1997) on Super Intelligent Networks to steer the cooperative research at the European Union (EU) level beyond the year 2000. He has recently served as member of the Internet 2020 Strategy Group and European Research Network (GEANT) expert group.

He has been working in the Telecommunications Area since 1971 and has participated to ITU/CCITT standardization activities in the 80ies.

He is author of hundreds of papers and several book, one published in the year 2000 in the USA titled: The disappearance of Telecommunciations.
Vasileios P. Spyropoulos (Medical Instrumentation Technology Department, Technological Education Institute of Athens, Greece)

Vasileios (Basile) P. Spyropoulos, born in Thessaloniki, Greece on August 5th, 1953, received a B.Sc. Degree in Physics, from the University of Athens, Greece in 1976, and a Ph.D. (Dr.rer.nat.) Degree in Physics from the Universities of Heidelberg and Saarland, Germany, in 1982. He held positions in the ISR Division of CERN, Geneva, Switzerland, in the Radiology and Clinical Chemistry Institutes of the Medical School of the University of Heidelberg, Germany, he was Head of the Biomedical Engineering Department of the Public Enterprise for Hospital Construction, Athens, Greece, and he served as Patent Examiner, in the European Patent Office, Munich, Germany.

Since 1987, he is full Professor of Biomedical Technology, in the Medical Instrumentation Technology Department, of the Technological Education Institute (TEI) of Athens, Greece and he served or still serves as Visiting Professor in the National School of Public Health, Athens, Greece, University of Patras Medical School, Greece, National School of Public Administration, Athens, Greece, Greek Army Medical Corps Applications’ School, Athens, Greece, University of Athens Department of Informatics, Greece, University of Heidelberg Medical School, Germany, Technical University of Ilmenau, Germany, National Nuclear Physics and High-Energy Physics Institute (NIKHEF), Amsterdam, The Netherlands, University of Crete, Greece, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, IL, USA, and Harvard Medical School, Boston MA, USA.

He is the Head of the Biomedical Technology Laboratory of TEI of Athens, encompassing activities related to Health-Care Information Technology, Biomedical Technology and Hospital Management, Medical Decision Supporting Systems, and Radiological Protection Methods and Policies. About 300 contributions in International and National Conference Proceedings with Referral System and in International Scientific Journals, 8 Volumes of Lecture-Notes and extensive Digital Educational Material in the E-class of his Department and of the Department of Informatics of the University of Athens, related to the above mentioned fields.
Rias J van Wyk (Technoscan Centre, USA)

Dr Rias van Wyk is the director of Technoscan® Centre Minnesota, USA, and a former Director of the Master of Science in the Management of Technology Program (MS-MOT), University of Minnesota.

He has extensive experience in professional practice which includes capturing technology-based innovation opportunities. At present he serves as the President of the Management of Technology Accreditation Board (MOTAB). He has qualifications from three universities, including a master's degree from Harvard focusing on science, technology and public policy. He is the author of Technology: A Unifying Code, and the editor of Technoscan® Newsbriefs.
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