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Informal Forum Summit ( Geneva, 3 - 4 December 2001) Output Document

Source: Informal Forum Summit
Title : Report of the Meeting

Business background

On the invitation of the Director of ITU TSB, representatives of a number of forums, ITU-T, and standards development organizations (SDOs) met on 3-4 December in Geneva, Switzerland. The list of participants is annexed.

The purpose of this meeting was to hold an informal meeting in order to improve awareness about each others’ organizations and respective activities. It was also intended to identify possible common ground/basis for improved cooperation with ITU-T, and to fulfill better our respective objectives in an increasingly complex telecommunications world. One item came out clearly from the discussion: communication and better understanding of actual work activities of each group is a critical factor. The representatives of the organizations developed a detailed list of best practices for communication between forums, ITU-T, and SDOs and also outlined possible types of further activity.

Identified actions

Participants suggest the following actions:
    1. Communication for this group:
      1.1. Communicate via E-Mail discussion list, and telephone conferences if necessary.
      1.2. Subsequent work on drafting of joint communiqué.
      1.3. Any future meetings or discussion lists will be with parties interested in furthering the collaboration between ITU-T and forums. Participants to be current distribution list; additional participants will be encouraged

    2. Best practices for communication among forums, ITU-T, and SDOs:
      2.1. Communicate new work areas and ongoing activities among forums, ITU-T, and SDOs at the earliest stages by all means, including Web sites. ITU-T will provide a Web page to facilitate this.
      2.2. Interested forums should seek recognition in accordance with Recommendations A.4 and A.5 and establish communication interfaces and procedures. Recommendation A.4 is at . Recommendation A.5 is at .
      2.3. Appropriate document sharing: each forum should have a clear policy and procedure for document sharing, allowing a response to a request for a document to be made within six weeks (one example is ITU-T Recommendation A.4 and the ITU-T’s iFTP public web site for document sharing).
      2.4. Mutual participation in meetings: for the ITU, this can be achieved if forum is a Sector Member or Associate (see ).
      2.5. Recommendation A.4 recognized organizations can submit contributions via study group (SG) chairmen.
      2.6. ITU-T meeting chairmen can invite experts, these could come from forums if appropriate. Forums would accept ITU-T nominated experts to participate in accordance with their rules.
      2.7. Normative or mutual referencing: each forum should have a clear policy and procedures regarding document referencing (one example is ITU-T Recommendation A.5).
      2.8. Normative references can be made within ITU-T Recommendations to A.5-recognized organizations.
      2.9. Liaison activities: set up effective communication processes between each forum and ITU-T, in particular use of E-Mail discussion groups to enable rapid (within six weeks) informal responses (but such responses are still subject to formal approval); and nomination of specific people who will attend meetings as required to foster good communication. Organizations should nominate contact persons to handle incoming liaisons and notification should be given of the timeframe for both informal and formal responses. An example of how to structure a liaison statement is given in ITU-T Recommendation A.1 Figure 1-1 ( ).
      2.10. Creation of pages on the ITU-T Web site containing URLs pointing to information on forums and SDOs, in particular:
        2.10.1. home pages;
        2.10.2. mission statements;
        2.10.3. roadmaps, descriptions, core competencies;
        2.10.4. plans and work items (or pointers to other relevant information provided by the organization in question);
        2.10.5. intellectual property rights (IPR) policies.
      2.11. Creation of pointers from the referenced forum and SDOs Web sites back to the ITU-T Web site of 2.10 above.

    3. Consider opportunities for partnerships between ITU-T and forums for:
      3.1. Joint development/collaborative work.
      3.2. Education.
      3.3. Market intelligence.
      3.4. Marketing and promotion.
      3.5. Profiling and implementation agreements.
      3.6. Interoperability and conformance testing.
      3.7. Feedback from market and forums to ITU-T for:
        3.7.1. Requirements.
        3.7.2. Finished standards.
        3.7.3. Gaps.
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