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Informal Forum Summit (Geneva, 3 - 4 December 2001) Outcome
Geneva, 3 January 2002 – The Director of TSB (ITU's Telecommunication Standardization Bureau), Mr. Houlin Zhao, recently convened an informal two-day meeting with two dozen prominent representatives of well-known forums/consortia. Representatives from two standard development organizations (SDOs) also attended this meeting, as well as chairmen of ITU-T study groups. The purpose of the meeting, held at the headquarters of ITU in Geneva, Switzerland, was to improve awareness about each others’ organizations and respective activities and to identify possible common ground/basis for improved cooperation with ITU-T.

"Although this meeting was the first of its kind, I believe we managed to reach agreement on some very important principles on how ITU-T, forums and SDOs could efficiently collaborate in the future," says Houlin Zhao, referring to the detailed list of proposals compiled and agreed by the participants. This document suggests, among other things, best practices for communication among ITU-T, forums and SDOs together with considered opportunities for partnerships between ITU-T and forums.

"ITU-T considers forums and consortia as strategic partners. We are complementary to one another," stressed Mr. Zhao in his opening speech. The sincere and rewarding discussions that followed primarily centered on methods and procedures to improve communication in order to assure efficient collaboration and minimize the risk of duplicating work. "This personal contact will be for the benefit to our respective organizations, as well as to the telecommunication industry as a whole," summarized Mr. Zhao.

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