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 ITU-T Study Group 16 (Study Period 2009-2012)
 Structure of the informal FTP area and e-mail mailing lists  
Structure of SG 16 informal FTP area Mailing list Archives Mailing lists

Important information     
/docs/ (Mirror of the meeting documents in DMS - Read access only)
/exchange/ (Working and exchange area organized by SG structure - Read+Write access from the folders below)
SG 16 general announcements
    q20   t09sg16q20
Multimedia coordination
Action plan in support of developing countries
    q26   t09sg16q26
Accessibility to Multimedia Systems & Services
  wp1     t09sg16wp1
WP 1/16 (Network signal processing and voiceband terminals)
    q14   t09sg16q14
Voiceband modems and facsimile terminals and protocols (Q14/16)
    q15   t09sg16q15
Voice gateway signal processing functions and circuit multiplication equipment / systems (Q15/16)
    q16   t09sg16q16
Speech enhancement functions in signal processing network equipment (Q16/16)
    q18   t09sg16q18
Interaction aspects of signal processing network equipment (Q18/16)
  wp2     t09sg16wp2
WP 2/16 general announcements
    q01, q02, q03, q04, q12, q13, q21, q22, q24, q25, q27   t09sg16avd
MM systems and terminals (Q.1, 2, 3, 4, 12, 13, 21, 22, 24, 25, 27/16)
    q05   t09sg16q5
Telepresence interoperability (Q5/16)
    q27   t09sg16vgp
Vehicular gateway platform (Q27/16)
    q28   t09sg16ehmmf
E-health multimedia framework (Q28/16)
    SG 9: q5, q9
SG 16: q21, q22
Joint home networking discussions between ITU-T SG 9 and SG 16
    SG 9: q4, q5
SG16: q13
Joint IPTV work of Q4/9, Q5/9 and Q13/16
    SG 9: q4, q5, q8, q10
SG 16: q13, q21
Joint service description platform discussions between ITU-T SG 9 and SG 16
  wp3     t09sg16wp3
WP 3/16 (Media coding) general announcements
    q07, q08, q09, q10   t09sg16audio
Audio/speech coding (Q7, 8, 9, 10/16)
    q06   t09sg16q6
Video and image coding / compression standardization (Q6/16)
    q08   t09sg16q8
Standardization of generic sound activity detectors (Q8/16)
    SG 9: q1, q13
SG 16: q06, q07, q08, q09, q10
Joint codec discussions between ITU-T SG 9 and SG 16
/temp/ (Temporary area - Read+Write access)    


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