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 ITU-T Study Group 13 (Study Period 2009-2012)
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General distribution list of Study Group 13
  wp1     t09sg13wp1
Coordination, Planning and Global Outreach of NGN including Mobile
    q1   t09sg13q1
Coordination and planning
    q2   t09sg13q2
Network terminology
    q10   t09sg13q10
Identification of evolving IMT-2000 systems and beyond
    q15   t09sg13q15
Applying IMS and IMT in Developing Country mobile telecom networks
    q25   t09sg13q25
Coordination, Planning, and Terminology
  wp2     t09sg13wp2

Service requirements, scenarios and evolution aspects

    q3   t09sg13q3
Requirements and implementation scenarios for emerging services and capabilities in an evolving NGN
    q12   t09sg13q12
Evolution towards integrated multi-service networks and interworking
    q13   t09sg13q13
Step-by-step migration to NGN networks
    q14   t09sg13q14
Service scenarios and deployment models of NGN
    q18   t09sg13q18
Requirements and framework for enabling COTS components in an open environment
    q24   t09sg13q24
Service scenarios, deployment models and migration issues
  wp3     t09sg13wp3
Frameworks and Functional Architectures
    q5   t09sg13q5
Principles and functional architecture for NGN (including ubiquitous networking)
    q6   t09sg13q6
Mobile telecom network architecture for NGN
    q8   t09sg13q8
Mobility management
    q9   t09sg13q9
MM mechanisms supporting multi-connections for multiple access technologies
    q11   t09sg13q11
Convergence of existing and evolving IMT and fixed networks
    q22   t09sg13q22
Mobility Management and Fixed Mobile Convergence
  wp4     t09sg13wp4
QoS and Security
    q4   t09sg13q4
Requirements and frameworks for QoS enablement in the NGN
    q16   t09sg13q16
Security and identity management
    q17   t09sg13q17
Packet forwarding and deep packet inspection for multiple services in packet-based networks and NGN environment
  wp5     t09sg13wp5
Future Networks
    q7   t09sg13q7
Impact of IPv6 to an NGN
    q19   t09sg13q19
Distributed services networking (DSN)
    q20   t09sg13q20
Public data networks
    q21   t09sg13q21
Future networks
  wp6     t09sg13wp6
Cloud Computing
    q26   t09sg13q26
Cloud computing ecosystem, inter-cloud and general requirements
    q27   t09sg13q27
Cloud functional architecture, infrastructure and networking
    q28   t09sg13q28
Cloud computing resource management and virtualization
/temp/ (Temporary area - Read+Write access)    
/temp/FGFN/ (Focus Group on Future Networks) fgfn
Focus Group on Future Networks (FG-FN)


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