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 ITU-T Study Group 9 (Study Period 2009-2012)
 Structure of the informal FTP area and e-mail mailing lists  
Structure of SG 9 informal FTP area Mailing list Archives Mailing lists

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General Distribution list of Study Group 9
Video transport and quality
  wp2 t09sg9wp2
Terminals and applications
  q1 t09sg9q1
Transmission of television and sound programme signal for contribution, primary distribution and secondary distribution
  q2 t09sg9q2
Measurement and control of the Quality of Service (QoS) for television transmission on contribution and distribution networks
  q3 t09sg9q3
Methods and practices for conditional access, protection against unauthorized copying and against unauthorized redistribution ("redistribution control" for digital cable television distribution to the home)
  q4 t09sg9q4
Application programming interfaces (API) for advanced content distribution services within the scope of Study Group 9
  q5 t09sg9q5
Functional requirements for a universal integrated receiver or set-top box for the reception of advanced content distribution services
  q6 t09sg9q6
Digital programme delivery controls for multiplexing, switching and insertion in compressed bit streams, possibly encapsulated in TS or IP packets
  q7 t09sg9q7
Cable television delivery of digital services and applications that use Internet Protocols (IP) and/or packet-based data
  q8 t09sg9q8
Voice and video IP applications over cable television networks
  q9 t09sg9q9
The extension of network-based content distribution services over broadband in Home Networks
  q10 t09sg9q10
Requirements and methods to delivery sound and television programmes and other multimedia services over IP networks for advanced service platforms
  q11 t09sg9q11
Transmission of multichannel analogue and/or digital television signals over optical access networks
  q12 t09sg9q12
Objective and subjective methods for evaluating perceptual audiovisual quality in multimedia services within the terms of Study Group 9
  q13 t09sg9q13
Transmission of Large Screen Digital Imagery programmes for contribution and distribution purposes
  SG 9: q1, q13
SG 16: q06, q07, q08, q09, q10
Joint codec discussions between ITU-T SG 9 and SG 16
  SG 9: q5, q9
SG 16: q21, q22
Joint home networking discussions between ITU-T SG 9 and SG 16
  SG 9: q4, q5
SG16: q13
Joint IPTV work of Q4/9, Q5/9 and Q13/16
  SG 9: q4, q5, q8, q10
SG 16: q13, q21
Joint service description platform discussions between ITU-T SG 9 and SG 16
/temp/ (Temporary area - Read+Write access)    


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