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 Thursday, 21 September 2006

ITU-T Study Group 9 will host a demonstration of technologies for emerging broadband services in the home during its next meeting.

The event will take place at the Keio Plaza Hotel, Tokyo, October 2 (1600-2000) and 3 (0900-1700), with October 3 being open to the public.

Among the technologies represented are the interactive video, video and VoIP enabled by the OpenCable Application Platform (OCAP) which is embedded in ITU-T Recommendation J.202 and high-speed pre-DOCSIS 3.0 (ITU-T Recommendation J.122). Internet access; home networking of video and data, service management for a cable quad play (video, wireless, voice and data); multiple advanced video applications and a high-speed broadband download video service.

“This will be a very powerful exhibit of technology enabling advanced broadband capabilities as well as some of the latest broadband applications, many of which are deployed by cable companies in markets around the world,” said Study Group 9 Chairman Dr. Richard R. Green, President and CEO of CableLabs.

Eighteen companies from around the world will be part of the demonstration with an emphasis on technologies that support emerging services in consumers’ households. Among the demonstrating companies are: Alticast, Arcwave, ARRIS International Japan, Arroyo, BigBand Networks, Brix, Digital Keystone, Entropic, Gallery IP, Hitron Technologies, Integra5, J:COM, KDDI Labs, NDS, NEC, PerfTech, Sigma Systems and VectroMAX .

SG 9’s meeting will consider new Recommendations for IPCablecom 2.0, DOCSIS 3.0, advanced set-top box for the reception of cable television and other services, and other Internet Protocol services.


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 Wednesday, 20 September 2006

Joint Coordination Activity on Network Aspects of Identification Systems (including RFID) (JCA-NID) Input Documents
   No.     Title

   25R1   TSB Draft documents allocation

   26      Rapporteur Group Q6/17 Response LS to Q15/13 on ITU-T studies on security aspects of NGN IdM

   27      Q9/17 Rapporteur Group meeting LS on Privacy Protection framework for Networked RFID Services

   28      ITU-T Q6/17 Rapporteur Group meeting Response to Liaison statement on Identity Management (SC 27 N 5193)


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 Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Following the first couple of meetings under the auspices of the NGN-GSI and in line with the strategy of reinforcing the NGN work in ITU-T by means of co-location of Rapporteur group meetings, the next NGN-GSI event will take place at the ITU premises, Geneva, from 24 October (PM) – 3 November 2006.

This event will follow the ITU-T/OGF workshop "ITU-T/OGF Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Grids", which will take place at the same location on 23 – 24 (AM) October 2006. Information related to this workshop is contained in TSB Circular 95.

Objectives for this meeting

  • to progress the draft Recommendations that are targeted to be consented in 4Q2006 and early 2007
  • to progress other deliverables, e.g. Supplements

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 Monday, 18 September 2006


ITU-T is hosting a workshop NGN and Grids in collaboration with the Open Grid Forum (OGF) in Geneva, 23-24 October 2006.

ITU-T’s Global Standards Initiative on Next Generation Network (NGN-GSI) is well under way and is responding to urgent market needs for global NGN standards. NGN offers increased quality and service features for users, independent of the underlying transport technology.

Grids have been widely used in the scientific community. Increasingly, Grids are being deployed within commercial settings. The Open Grid Forum is actively reaching out to communities such as the Telco community to advance Grid adoption, interoperability and scalability. Different scenarios for Telcos can be envisioned: Telcos may 1) specialize in network SLAs that are optimally suited to Grids; 2) use Grids for their IT internal needs; and/or 3) offer Grids as a managed service to customers.


  • The joint ITU-T/OGF workshop will bring together the telecoms industry and the Grid community to:
  • Review the present status of applications, services and business opportunities in Grid networks and NGNs.
  • Discuss future evolution for Grids and NGNs both in terms of business opportunities and related technical requirements.
  • Identify relevant existing international standards as well as gaps in the standardization framework for Grids and NGNs.
  • Understand what additional features required by Grids should be considered in ITU-T’s NGN Release 2.
  • Identify the impact of NGN on Grids.
  • Contribute to the establishment of a roadmap for future standardization activities among major players.
  • Prepare a coordinated action plan on urgent standardization issues between standards developing organizations and fora/consortia working in this area.

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ITU-T Workshops and Seminars 

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Joint Coordination Activity on Network Aspects of Identification Systems (including RFID) (JCA-NID) Input Documents
   No.  Title

   10   Draft List of contact points for the participating entities (V.1)

   24   Draft list of documents

   25   Draft documents allocation


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 Friday, 15 September 2006

Joint Coordination Activity on Network Aspects of Identification Systems (including RFID) (JCA-NID) Input Documents
   No.  Title

   21   Proposal for a JCA-NID action plan

   22   JCA-NID mode of operation


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