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 Tuesday, 25 July 2006


The Focus Group "From/In/To Cars Communication" was established by Study Group 12 at its 5 - 13 June 2006 meeting.

The objective of the Focus Group is to develop a new set of requirements and specifications to help advance the work of the ITU-T SG12, mainly Questions 4/12 and 12/12, and to encourage participation in this activity of members of other standards organisations involved in car and Telecommunications/ICT industries, including experts and individuals who may not be members of ITU.

Terms of reference

The following areas should be addressed in the future activity of the Focus Group:

  • In car communication: Quality parameters and testing methods
  • Interaction of car hands-free systems with the radio channel
  • Extension of the work to wideband car hands-free systems
  • Special requirements/testing procedures for speech recognition systems in cars

Focus Group "From/In/To Cars Communication" Homepage

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 Wednesday, 19 July 2006

ITU-T’s work on IPTV took a significant step forward following a meeting Geneva, July 10-14.

IPTV is being explored by media companies and service providers around the world as a way to add value to their existing offerings, and globally accepted standards are seen as essential in order that – for example – a broadcaster in one part of the world can easily distribute content in another.

The meeting of the IPTV Focus Group (FG IPTV) attracted over 150 delegates from the world’s key ICT companies, over 100 input documents were considered, and the first drafts of various output documents agreed. All documents can be viewed on the group’s webpage.

A key output document drafted at the meeting shows the requirements for standardization in IPTV. Establishing this list is an essential part of the standards making process. Also dealt with by the group, and equally as important is outlining what standards already exist.

The meeting approved the establishment of six working groups:

  • Architecture and Requirements
  • QoS and Performance Aspects
  • Service Security and Contents Protection
  • IPTV Network Control
  • End Systems and Interoperability Aspects
  • Middleware, Application and Content Platforms
The next FG IPTV meeting will take place in Busan, Korea, 16-20 October, 2006.


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 Monday, 17 July 2006

Wednesday, 19 July, 17:30 central european time will be your last chance to select one of the standards which you think has best shaped the ICT world of today.

So far, over 600 people have taken the opportunity to vote for the most influential standards work from ITU-T.

The exercise is part of ITU-T's 50 Year Anniversary Celebrations, more information can be found here.



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 Sunday, 16 July 2006

The following files relative to AAP have been updated since 2006-07-16

Group : aap
updated :          2006-07-16 16:34:57      
title :          [040] AAP Announcement No. 40, 16 July 2006, (SG 4, 5, 12, 16)
url :
Note : This is an automatic message for ITU-T/TSB Alternative Approval Process

 - For further questions, please contact TSB EDH at
 - For documentation, go to
 - Comments on Recommendations under AAP should be submitted by filling the appropriate forms in each Study Group AAP web page and sent to the relevant Study Group email address

More on AAP

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 Friday, 14 July 2006

Meeting Report

FG IPTV-MR-0001: WG 1 (Requirement and Architecture of IP TV) meeting report
[Source: WG1 Leaders]


Friday, 14 July 2006 14:16:24 (W. Europe Standard Time, UTC+01:00)  #     | 

Meeting Reports

FG IPTV-MR-0005: End Systems & Interoperabililty Report
[Source: WG5 Leaders]

Input Documents

FG IPTV-ID-0104: AVS (Audio Video Standard Group) asking for A.4 and A.5 status
[Source: Director of TSB ( Houlin Zhao)]

Output Documents

FG IPTV-OD-0031: Liaison Statement to ATIS IIF
[Source: FG IPTV Chairman]

FG IPTV-OD-0030: WG 1 Living List (Architecture)
[Source: WG1 Chair]

FG IPTV-OD-0029: List of the standardisation organisations relevant to IPTV
[Source: WG1 Chairs]

FG IPTV-OD-0028: Gap Analysis Document
[Source: WG1 – Architecture Chair]

FG IPTV-OD-0026: Working Document on Service Scenario for IPTV
[Source: WG1 Leaders]

FG IPTV-OD-0023: Request for participation in ITU-T FG IPTV
[Source: FG IPTV Working Group 5]

FG IPTV-OD-0022: Establishment of liaison relationship with FG IPTV
[Source: FG IPTV Working Group 5]

FG IPTV-OD-0021: Initiation of IPTV End System Study
[Source: FG IPTV WG5]

FG IPTV-OD-0020: Request for further discussion on IPTV End System Contribution
[Source: FG IPTV WG5]

FG IPTV-OD-0019: WG 5 Working Document for IPTV End System
[Source: Working Group 5]



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Meeting Reports

FG IPTV-MR-0003: WG 3 (Service Security and Content Protection) meeting report
[Source: WG 3 Leaders]
FG IPTV-MR-0006: WG 6 (Middleware, Application and Content Platforms) meeting report
[Source: WG 6 Leaders]

Output Documents

FG IPTV-OD-0018: IPTV Middleware, Applications, and Content Platforms
[Source: WG6 (Middleware, Applications, and Content Platforms) Leaders]

FG IPTV-OD-0017: Liaison Statement to ITU-T SG 16
[Source: FG IPTV WG6 "Middleware, Applications and Content Platforms"]

FG IPTV-OD-0016: Liaison Statement to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11 on IPTV Middleware
[Source: FG IPTV WG6 "Middleware, Applications and Content Platforms"]

FG IPTV-OD-0013: Liaison Report to DVB TM-CPT
[Source: ITU-T Focus Group IPTV, Working Group 3 – Service Security and Content Protection]

FG IPTV-OD-0012: Liaison Report to ITU-R Working Party 6M
[Source: ITU-T Focus Group IPTV, Working Group 3 – Service Security and Content Protection]

FG IPTV-OD-0011: WG 4 Living lists on IPTV network control aspects
[Source: Technical Leader of WG4]

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