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 Wednesday, 11 May 2005

PP-02 Decisions on review of the International Telecommunication Regulations and subsequent actions

The ITU Marrakesh Plenipotentiary Conference, after considering a number of input documents from Member States, adopted Resolution 121 [E|F|S], which resolved that the Union should continue a process of reviewing the International Telecommunication Regulations [E|F|S]. To this end, a Working Group of Council, open to all Member States, whose delegations may include appropriate legal, regulatory and technical experts has been established.

The third and final meeting will take place in Geneva on 11 (afternoon) - 13 May 2005 to finalize the work. You may find further details on the invitation letter. [DM-1171 ]


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Bureaufax Table Update for Pakistan - Swaziland

Pakistan - Swaziland [ Winword | PDF ] (updated 10.05.05)

The Bureaufax Table, published in collaboration with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in pursuance of the provisions of ITU-T Recommendation F.170 (03/98), is now published in electronic version only.


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 Tuesday, 10 May 2005

TSB Circular 30 - Replies to the 2005 Questionnaire on conditions for provision of "call-back"

Alternative Calling Procedures (Call-Back)

The World Telecommunications Standardization Assembly 04 (WTSA-04) adopted Resolution 29 on alternative calling procedures on international telecommunication networks. In that Resolution, the sovereign right of each country to regulate its telecommunications, as expressed in the basic instruments of ITU, was reaffirmed. In this regard, each country has the right to authorize, prohibit or regulate call-back practices. National regulatory measures must be respected by other countries within the limits of their own legislation, and the recognized operating agencies (ROAs) and administrations concerned must communicate and collaborate.


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Workshops and Seminars

Workshop on Video and Image Coding and Applications (VICA)

Where: Geneva
When: 22 - 23 July 2005




In between the meetings of two lead technical groups working on image and video compression, ISO/IEC's JPEG and ITU-T's Study Group 16, ITU will host a workshop on Video and Image Coding and Applications (VICA) at the ITU headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland, 22 to 23 July 2005. Key experts will join users to review the development, assessment and application of video and image coding and to discuss and start work on an action plan and a roadmap for VICA standardization.

Presentations will instigate discussion on how standards work in the field, including how next generation networks (NGN) can support the development of so-called ubiquitous services - any device, anytime, anywhere. Current work on home network environments will also be taken into account.

Also at the event there will be an interoperability demonstration showing various products using related standards.

All interested parties are free to attend.


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 Monday, 09 May 2005
Through its work on standardization, ITU develops technical standards (known as Recommendations) that facilitate the use of public telecommunication services and systems for communications during emergency, disaster relief and mitigation operations.  In such circumstances, technical features need to be in place to ensure that users who must communicate at a time of disaster have the communication channels they need, with appropriate security and with the best possible quality of service.
  • ITU-T SG 16 work on Telecommunications for Disaster Relief (TDR)
    Since 2003 ITU-T Study Group 16 Question 27(I)/16 studies the standardization needs for the use of public telecommunication services for emergency and disaster relief operations.
  • Telecommunications for Disaster Relief and Mitigation - Partnership Co-ordination Panel (PCP-TDR)
    The PCP-TDR was created in 2003 as a forum where ?standardizers? and ?users? of TDR facilities get together to ensure that emergency and disaster relief telecommunications standards meet users? needs. Participation is open to international telecommunication service providers, related government departments, standards development organizations, intergovernmental organizations, disaster relief organizations, and other entities working in the field.
  • ITU-T Action Plan ? Telecommunications for Disaster Relief and Early Warning
    In March 2005, TSAG agreed to a first version of an ITU-T Action Plan for Standardization on Telecommunications for Disaster Relief and Early Warning (TDR/EW), motivated by the identification of the need for new telecommunication standards following the Indian Ocean tsunami of December 2004, and proposals made to the TSAG meeting. This first version was sent to all ITU-T study groups for their action and comment. All Study Groups are encouraged to increase their activities in the definition of Recommendations and other materials (e.g. handbooks) on TDR/EW and to provide feedback to TSAG and ITU-T Study Group 2 (which is to coordinate the effort) on actions taken and on proposals for improvement to the Action Plan.
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 Friday, 06 May 2005

Geneva, 21 April 2005 - ITU will hold a workshop on next generation networks (NGN) together with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), 1 - 2 May, 2005, Geneva.

Since May 2004 intense work has taken place in ITU, towards the development of standards that will define services, network and systems architecture in the next generation of IP enabled communication systems, or next generation networks (NGN).

The objectives of the workshop are to report the progress of ITU's work on NGN and explore specific issues that impact both the ITU and the IETF in order to better understand the work underway in the two organizations and to identify areas where action can be taken to make further progress.


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 Thursday, 05 May 2005

ITU to Host Workshop on Information and Communication Technologies in Vehicles

Geneva, 8 February 2005 ? ITU and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) are partnering with one of the world's largest automobile events ? the Geneva International Motor Show ? to host a workshop 2-4 March, focusing on the synergy between the information and communication technologies (ICT) and the automotive sector.


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