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 Monday, 22 August 2005

In conjunction with ISO/IECís Joint Picture Experts Group (JPEG), ITU-Tís Study Group 16 hosted a workshop on Video and Image Coding and Applications (VICA) at ITU headquarters in Geneva, 22 to 23 July. 

Key experts joined users to review the development, assessment and application of video and image coding and to discuss and start work on an action plan and a roadmap for VICA standardization.

Introducing the workshop, Houlin Zhao, director of TSB, emphasized the importance of video and image compression not only from a telecommunication perspective, but also for consumers. He highlighted ITU-Tís extensive and constructive partnerships with both MPEG, and ISO/IECís Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG), which have achieved practical and innovative results. He also highlighted the importance of the work from universities in the field.

The workshop introduced topics including the history and challenges of video and image compression up to the development of ITU-T Recommendation H.264, and of the JPEG-2000 family of standards. It looked at how these standards will be applied to current and future technologies surrounding television, computers, videoconferencing, home networking and mobile phones, and how VICA standards are affected by the evolution of multimedia services and applications.

Presentations also stimulated discussion on how standards work in the field, including how next generation networks (NGN) can support the development of so-called ubiquitous networks Ė any device, anytime, anywhere. Current work on home network environments was also taken into account.

Following the event, Study Group 16 met from 26 July to 5 August and further discussed the results of the workshop in order to continue to develop standards that will improve the quality of service and ubiquity of telecommunication technologies and facilitate the global dissemination of multimedia content.