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 Tuesday, 10 August 2010
ITU will be organizing a Tutorial on Optical Fibre Cables and Systems Recommendations in Rwanda from 6 to 17 September 2010. Leading experts will provide an in-depth insight into the ITU-T Recommendations that shape the optical transport networks of the world.
The tutorial is co-organized by ITU-T and the Ministry in Charge of Information and Communications Technology of Rwanda, in cooperation with ITU-D. Based on the ITU-T handbook “Optical fibres, cables and systems”, the tutorial is intended to assist engineers, technicians, technologists, mid-level management and regulators in the implementation of optical-fibre-based systems.   
Participants will gain a better understanding of the ITU-T standards, how to design and implement projects and how to make the best choices in the various elements of an optical link. They will learn how to prepare a power budget and how to establish parameters for interfaces and accessories to prepare technical specifications for supply contracts. The tutors are leading experts in the field from industry and either participated in the writing of the handbook or contributed to the development of the referenced standards. (Contact: mailto: more.

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