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 Thursday, 12 May 2005

In its first meeting of the new study period, Study Group 13 started work on a set of activities to speed up the development of, and provide clear direction for NGN standardization work. ITU-T will implement in the first half of 2005 a set of tools that will give a unique overview of the next generation network (NGN) work going on across the standardization world.

Since the work towards standards for NGN is taking place across a number of different ITU-T study groups and other standards development organizations (SDOs) the ability to coordinate and view all NGN work in one place will be invaluable to the swift and efficient publication of the first set of NGN specifications (Release 1).

The tools essentially a repository of information from ITU and other SDOs were asked for by members of the NGN Focus Group. Key will be the ability to keep track of the latest versions of documents and provide detailed information for experts and summaries for management.