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 Monday, 19 March 2007
Study Group 4 has consented a set of Recommendations on data definitions for terminal users of operational support systems. These definitions will allow operators to communicate more efficiently on operational matters, such as service orders and orders about network routing arrangements.

According to developers of the Global Telecommunications Data Dictionary (GTDD) (ITU-T Recommendations M.1401-10), the data definitions use an approach that is different from current conceptual approaches to define data communication interfaces. The GTDD approach will be more intuitive for end-users, in this case the operations staff in telcos.

The data definitions given in the GTDD may be used to develop XML schemas for exchange of data about telecoms networks and services between network operators. The GTDD defines data for end user interfaces and supports data communication to/from management applications.

Experts said that much of the data needed by NGN is defined not only for management but also for the execution of services. Definition of service management is critical for NGN, because it deals with interfaces that will be used by service platforms like IMS. Another use for GTDD is inventory management experts said.