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 Friday, 08 October 2010

An ITU tutorial on Standardization will follow this year's Kaleidoscope event − Beyond the Internet? − Innovations for future networks and services − Pune, India, 13 – 15 December 2010.

The event will be held at the same venue on 16 December 2010.

The tutorial will cover information on how standardization works as well as a simulation of a standards-setting meeting. Participants from academia and industry will gain practical and theoretical knowledge on international standardization. In interactive role plays, participants will learn the art of reaching consensus. More information on the tutorial is available at the Kaleidoscope web page (

The aim of Kaleidoscope conferences is to identify information and communication technologies (ICTs) for which the development of standards can turn innovations into successful products and services, but it is also an opportunity to share knowledge on international standardization processes, which becomes more and more important with the rapid evolution of ICTs.

During the Kaleidoscope conference two special sessions will also take place: Jules Verne’s Corner and Standards Corner. Further information on these special sessions will shortly be available at the Kaleidoscope web page:

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