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 Wednesday, 02 November 2005

Until 1998, the ITU Global directory contained information both about ROAs that were Sector Members and non-Sector Members, but it now only contains information relating to ROAs that are Sector Members.

The consequence of there not being a published list of all ROAs (including those that are non-Sector Members) might limit the assistance such information can have on, for example, the bilateral exchange of information related to numbering changes or on introducing new international numbering resources.

The status of ROA is used within certain ITU-T Recommendations, e.g. E.118, E.164.1, E.169.1, E.169.2, E.212, Q.708, X.121 as a criterion regarding assignment of international numbering resources. Such a list would assist in the administration of international numbering resources and would facilitate the exchange of information between ROAs, for example, on numbering changes.

A consolidated list of Recognized Operating Agencies (ROAs) has been set up, derived from the responses received to TSB Circular 24 of 8 April 2005 and an individual communication was published in the ITU Operational Bulletin under the heading "Changes in Administrations/ROAs and other entities or Organizations".

List of Recognized Operating Agencies (ROAs)

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