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 Friday, 14 July 2006

Meeting Reports

FG IPTV-MR-0005: End Systems & Interoperabililty Report
[Source: WG5 Leaders]

Input Documents

FG IPTV-ID-0104: AVS (Audio Video Standard Group) asking for A.4 and A.5 status
[Source: Director of TSB ( Houlin Zhao)]

Output Documents

FG IPTV-OD-0031: Liaison Statement to ATIS IIF
[Source: FG IPTV Chairman]

FG IPTV-OD-0030: WG 1 Living List (Architecture)
[Source: WG1 Chair]

FG IPTV-OD-0029: List of the standardisation organisations relevant to IPTV
[Source: WG1 Chairs]

FG IPTV-OD-0028: Gap Analysis Document
[Source: WG1 Architecture Chair]

FG IPTV-OD-0026: Working Document on Service Scenario for IPTV
[Source: WG1 Leaders]

FG IPTV-OD-0023: Request for participation in ITU-T FG IPTV
[Source: FG IPTV Working Group 5]

FG IPTV-OD-0022: Establishment of liaison relationship with FG IPTV
[Source: FG IPTV Working Group 5]

FG IPTV-OD-0021: Initiation of IPTV End System Study
[Source: FG IPTV WG5]

FG IPTV-OD-0020: Request for further discussion on IPTV End System Contribution
[Source: FG IPTV WG5]

FG IPTV-OD-0019: WG 5 Working Document for IPTV End System
[Source: Working Group 5]