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 Friday, 19 March 2010

ITU members are being asked to comment on the formation of two new groups examining standards for smart grid and cloud computing.

The proposed Focus Group on Smart Grid and Focus Group on Cloud Computing are expected to identify standardization requirements that will then be taken forward by relevant ITU-T Study Groups.

ITU was asked by key CTOs to accelerate work in the area of smart grid and cloud at a meeting of high level industry executives in Geneva, October 2009.

Smart grid may use technologies based on current telecommunication technologies for control, metering, charging etc. It is this link and the standards needs here that is expected to be explored. In addition the idea that smart grid principles could apply to the telecommunication system itself could be a topic for discussion.

A recently published ITU-T Technology Watch Report titled Distributed Computing: Utilities, Grids and Clouds describes the advent of clouds and grids, the applications they enable, and their potential impact on future standardization.

The Focus Group is expected to investigate the relevant requirements for standardization on cloud computing and suggest future study paths for ITU-T. Specifically it may identify potential impacts in standards development in other fields such as NGN, transport layer technologies, ICTs and climate change and media coding.

Comments on the draft terms of reference are invited before Wednesday 14 April 2010. They are available here.

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