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 Thursday, 14 April 2011
The next twenty years will see a huge shift towards electric vehicles and integrated intelligent transport systems (ITS) said industry experts gathered for the Fully Networked Car@Geneva Motor Show event. However in order for this transformation to take place globally coordinated standards are needed. In addition experts said that more study is needed on who pays for what. For example who will pay for systems that reduce fatalities and reduce traffic flow; consumers, governments, the car industry or insurance? These business models need to be designed in parallel participants at the ITU, ISO and IEC workshop agreed.

Given the safety implications of integrating these technologies into vehicles, driver distraction was also strong topic for discussion at the event held in parallel to the Geneva Motor Show. It was shown that cognitive distraction can be significantly reduced with greater sound quality. Presentations showed that telcos moving to wideband, thereby offering much greater speech quality, will significantly enhance telephony applications.

ITU has recently convened a Focus Group on Driver Distraction (FG Distraction). The objective the group, comprising experts from the ICT and automotive industries as well as government experts, is to reduce injuries and fatalities by minimizing the cognitive demands associated with both driving and non-driving tasks. It will; propose test methodologies for subjective and objective assessment of cognitive load; investigate optimal information flow between the driver and vehicle; develop design guidelines for integrated applications; propose mechanisms for co-ordination of components, subsystems, and applications to minimize cognitive demands; identify new techniques and technologies that can be used to reduce cognitive load and co-ordinate efforts across the three standards organizations, government/industry forums, companies, academic institutions, and subject matter experts.


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