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 Thursday, 06 July 2006

Input Documents 81 to 100

FG IPTV-ID-0100: Establishment of a relationship with the ITU-T IPTV Focus Group
[Source: JCA-HN]

FG IPTV-ID-0097: Application layer reliability solutions for IP TV services
[Source: Digital Fountain]

FG IPTV-ID-0096: A Proposal for the discussion items regarding Middleware and Applications
[Source: NTT]

FG IPTV-ID-0095: Outline of Security Requirements and Functions in IPTV Services
[Source: NTT]

FG IPTV-ID-0094: IPTV Service Architecture
[Source: NTT, KDDI, Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electric, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba]

FG IPTV-ID-0093: Proposal on IPTV unified subscriber’s identification
[Source: China Telecom]

FG IPTV-ID-0092: Proposal on IPTV Service Management Architecture
[Source: China Telecom]

FG IPTV-ID-0091: Proposal on IPTV service classification
[Source: China Telecom]

FG IPTV-ID-0090: SIM application requirements on IPTV Terminal
[Source: China Telecom]

FG IPTV-ID-0089: EPG system architecture and it’s requirements
[Source: China Netcom Group, P.R.China]

FG IPTV-ID-0088: Work Items for IPTV End Systems and Interoperability
[Source: Cisco Systems, U.S.A]

FG IPTV-ID-0087: RTP/UDP/MPEG2 TS as a means of transmission for IPTV Streams
[Source: Cisco Systems, U.S.A]

FG IPTV-ID-0086: Content Protection Framework, Elements and SDOs
[Source: Cisco Systems, U.S.A]

FG IPTV-ID-0085: A Framework Architecture and Work Items for IPTV standards
[Source: Cisco Systems, U.S.A]

FG IPTV-ID-0084: A proposal for the discussion items regarding the end systems and interoperability aspects
[Source: NTT]

FG IPTV-ID-0083: Discussion on prospective study items for NGN signalling for broadband services
[Source: NTT Comware Corporation]

FG IPTV-ID-0082: Introductions for AVS-P2
[Source: China Netcom, Huawei, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Zhe Jiang University, SVAGROUP]

FG IPTV-ID-0081: Proposal for Working Method of IPTV FG
[Source: MII, China; Huawei Technologies]