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 Thursday, 06 July 2006

Input Documents 2 to 20

FG IPTV-ID-0020: On the Organization of the IP/TV Focus Group
[Source: France Telecom]

FG IPTV-ID-0019: Definition of IP/TV Services
[Source: France Telecom]

FG IPTV-ID-0018: Proposal for hosting of the ITU-T 2nd FG IPTV Meeting and IPTV Technical Workshop
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0017: Technical issues on IP TV standardization
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0016: Some classifications and discussion issues for IP TV service scenario
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0015: Proposal of Terms of Reference on architecture and requirements of IP TV
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0014: IPTV service scenarios using NACF over NGN
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0013: User requirements for perceptual video quality monitoring of IPTV
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0012: Some discussion issues on the IPTV service scenario
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0011: Discussion issues about Y.ngn-mcast (NGN Multicast Service Capabilities with MPLS-based QoS Support)
[Source: Korea (Republic of)]

FG IPTV-ID-0010: Starting point for IPTV requirements work
[Source: Siemens AG]

FG IPTV-ID-0009: LS on IPTV Focus Group
[Source: Chairman SG 16]

FG IPTV-ID-0008: ATIS IIF Initial Deliverables
[Source: Chairman, ATIS IPTV Interoperability Forum (IIF)]

FG IPTV-ID-0007: DSL Forum Liaison to ITU-T FG IPTV
[Source: Gavin Young, DSL Forum Technical Committee Chair]

FG IPTV-ID-0006: IPTV Focus Group: Q.2/13 related work
[Source: Q.2/13 Rapporteur Group (Kobe, 22-27 April 2006)]

FG IPTV-ID-0005: SG 17 interest in IPTV Focus Group
[Source: ITU-T SG 17 (Jeju, Korea, 19-28 April 2006)]

FG IPTV-ID-0004: Summary of ITU-T Study Groups Security Related Activities
[Source: ITU-T SG 17 (Jeju, Korea, 19-28 April 2006)]

FG IPTV-ID-0003: Liaison Statement on ISO/IEC 23004, Multimedia Middleware (M3W)
[Source: Convenor]

FG IPTV-ID-0002: Draft Agenda and work plan for first FG IPTV meeting
[Source: Chairman of FG IPTV]