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 Monday, 02 May 2005

The standardization work of ITU-T is carried out by the technical Study Groups (SGs) in which representatives of the ITU-T membership develop Recommendations (standards) for the various fields of international telecommunications. The SGs drive their work primarily in the form of study Questions. Each of these addresses technical studies in a particular area of telecommunication standardization. Each SG has a SG Chairman and a number of vice-chairmen appointed by the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA).

Study Group 2 
Operational aspects of service provision, networks and performance
Lead Study Group on Service definition, Numbering and Routing.
Study Group 3 
Tariff and accounting principles including related telecommunication economic and policy issues
Study Group 4 
Telecommunication management
Lead Study Group on Telecommunication Management.
Study Group 5 
Protection against electromagnetic environment effects
Study Group 6 
Outside plant and related indoor installations
Study Group 9 
Integrated broadband cable networks and television and sound transmission
Lead Study Group on integrated broadband cable and television networks.
Study Group 11 
Signalling requirements and protocols
Lead Study Group on signalling and protocols
Lead Study Group on intelligent networks
Study Group 12 
Performance and quality of service
Lead Study Group on Quality of Service and performance. 
Study Group 13 
Next Generation Networks
Lead study group for NGN and satellite matters.
Study Group 15 
Optical and other transport network infrastructures
Lead Study Group on Access Network Transport and on Optical Technology.
Study Group 16 
Multimedia terminals, systems and applications
Lead Study Group on multimedia terminals, systems and applications.
Lead Study Group on ubiquitous applications ("e-everything", such as e-health and e-business).
Study Group 17 
Security, languages and telecommunication software
Lead Study Group on Telecommunication Security.
Lead Study Group on Languages and Description Techniques.
Study Group 19 
Mobile telecommunication networks
Lead Study Group on mobile telecommunication networks and for mobility.