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 Tuesday, 19 September 2006


Following the first couple of meetings under the auspices of the NGN-GSI and in line with the strategy of reinforcing the NGN work in ITU-T by means of co-location of Rapporteur group meetings, the next NGN-GSI event will take place at the ITU premises, Geneva, from 24 October (PM) 3 November 2006.

This event will follow the ITU-T/OGF workshop "ITU-T/OGF Workshop on Next Generation Networks and Grids", which will take place at the same location on 23 24 (AM) October 2006. Information related to this workshop is contained in TSB Circular 95.

Objectives for this meeting

  • to progress the draft Recommendations that are targeted to be consented in 4Q2006 and early 2007
  • to progress other deliverables, e.g. Supplements

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