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 Thursday, 04 October 2012

A Standards Education Workshop, hosted by Aalborg University, 8-9 October, will outline ICT standardization courses currently on offer, discussing their approach to the interdisciplinary nature of ICT standardization and determining means of increasing the weight assigned to standardization in universities’ ICT curricula. Ideas generated by the workshop will feed into the work of the TSB Director’s Ad Hoc Group on Standards Education, a group currently under formation, intending to support academia in its efforts to produce standards-minded graduates.
The event is jointly organized by ITU’s Standardization Sector (ITU-T), the Global ICT Standardization Forum for India (GISFI), Dansk Standard (DS) and Aalborg University’s Center for TeleInFrastruktur (CTIF).
Items on the agenda include:

- Technical presentations by academic institutions on their experiences with standards education
- The merits of Problem-Based Learning
- “Brainstorming” regarding how best to structure academic courses on ICT standardization
The event builds on the success of a previous ITU Webinar on Standards Education, 30 April 2012, and is part of ITU-T’s ongoing efforts to better understand and serve the needs of ITU-T’s academic membership.
Specifically, in discussing the aims and methodologies of different universities’ standards courses, October’s workshop will aid in the development of an ITU repository of standards courses offered across the globe – providing a resource to individuals interested in the study of ICT standards, and to universities deciding on the content of courses as they develop them.
The event will host panelists and participants from a broad cross-section of the standards-development community, including academic institutions, research centres and laboratories; national and regional administrations; national and international standards development organizations (SDOs); industry associations; private companies; and entrepreneurs interested in international standards’ ability to grant innovations access to global markets.
Remote Participation will be provided, and details on how to participate from one’s home country are available on the workshop’s webpage. The event’s page also provides all details relevant to participation in Aalborg, such as the workshop’s programme and practical information (hotels, visas, etc.).
Visit the workshop’s webpage here...

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