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 Thursday, 21 May 2009
ITU has published a new online resource for IPv6 related information.

The webpages have been published in response to WTSA-08 Resolution 64 ‘IP address allocation and encouraging the deployment of IPv6’.

The aim is to raise awareness of IPv6 deployment, as well as providing information related to training events and IPv6 related news. An IPv4 exhaustion counter estimates the number of days until all IPv4 addresses are used.

The site also hosts a questionnaire that will collect information and feedback from ITU members. Deadline for submission is 12 June.

With the massive deployment of Internet-related resources worldwide and the integration of IP-enabled consumer devices connected directly to the network, the issue of the depletion of IPv4  addresses is an increasing concern. In addition to other features, IPv6 with its 128 bit address space is aimed at addressing the current shortage of public IPv4 addresses. However for various reasons the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 taking longer than expected.

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