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 Wednesday, 21 November 2012
WTSA-12 is showcasing live video streams deploying ITU-standardized IPTV technologies and running over ITUís IPTV Global IPv6 Testbed. The transcontinental test is demonstrating the maturity of both IPv6 technology and ITU-Tís suite of IPTV standards; particularly Recommendations ITU-T H.721ís IPTV set-top boxes, ITU-T H.761Ďs Ginga/NCL and ITU-T H.762Ďs Lightweight Interactive Multimedia Environment (LIME) for IPTV services. Applications being showcased include Ďe-healthí using Continua Health Alliance compliant devices to demonstrate how new services can be integrated to provide users with better services and service providers with new revenue streams.
The test runs 20-21 November at WTSA-12 in Dubai, receiving live video from ITUís headquarters in Geneva and from Hokkaido Television Broadcasting (HTB) in Hokkaido, Japan.
Other ITU-T IPTV standards also formed part of the infrastructure: H.770 IPTV Service discovery, H.721 IPTV terminal for VoD and Linear TV, H.701 IPTV Error correction, H.750 IPTV Metadata, and the Primetime Emmy Award winning H.264 Video compression codec. The experiments also used Openflow, PCE/VNTM and sa46t.
For more on ITUís IPTV standardization work, please see ITUís IPTV Global Standards Initiative here.

This post originally from The Assembly a blog covering WTSA12

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