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 Thursday, 30 March 2006

Document 29: Study Items and Technical Issues for IP TV over NGN Standardizations [Source: Korea (Republic of)]

Document 28: Requirements in Principle for Enabling Consumer Retail Devices to Attach to IPTV Networks [Source: Samsung Electronics]

Document 27: Procedure and Process for IP-TV standard [Source: ETRI]

Document 26: KT IPTV and its Globalization [Source: KT]

Document 25: IPTV Standardization System & Items in Korea [Source: Korea (Republic of)]

Document 24: The list of standard outputs in SDOs related to IPTV (For information only) [Source: ETRI]

Document 23: Low Level Requirements on IPTV Global Standardization [Source: TTA, ETRI, KT, Samsung Electronics, ICU, Kyunghee Univ., Yonsei Univ., HUFS]

Document 22: High Level Requirements on IPTV Global Standardization [Source: KT, ETRI, HUFS]

More on the TSB Director’s consultation meeting on IPTV standardization