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 Wednesday, 04 May 2005

The IPR ad hoc group met in Geneva, 11-12 March 2005 to discuss IPR matters relevant to standardization in ITU-T.

The revision of two patent declaration forms was completed the meeting: the General Patent Declaration form and the Patent Declaration form for common & twin texts with ISO/IEC. The updated texts now reflect changes agreed by the group at its July 2004 meeting.

The group also produced a new version of the Software Copyright Guidelines, whereby the second paragraph in section 2.3.1 was moved to a new paragraph following the section 2.3.

And in the "marks" front - i.e., trademarks, service marks and certification marks - the group agreed on a first version of Guidelines on how to use "marks" in ITU-T Recommendations.

The group also discussed on what might define an "Open Standard" from the perspective of standardization work in ITU, and the preliminary outcome was annexed to the meeting report. Even though it does not constitute an ITU-T definition, it may be useful to help progress the discussions elsewhere in ITU.