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 Wednesday, 11 June 2008

NXTComm, June 16-19, Las Vegas, USA will see ITU-T members, and guests stage an interoperability showcase for fibre to the premises (FTTP) related standards.

ITU, together with Telcordia, have collaborated to organize a multi-company interoperability demonstration featuring gigabit passive optical network (G-PON) equipment built according to the ITU-T G.984 series of Recommendations (standards) , including the recently consented G-PON reach extender (ITU-T G.984.6). PON technology is used in the local loop environment to cost effectively connect residential and small and medium enterprises (SME) end users premises in an all-fibre network.

The G-PON Pavilion features live demonstrations of G-PON equipment interoperability; with interoperability being a critical enabler to reducing G-PON equipment costs. Triple-play interoperability demonstrations are provided by the following device and equipment manufactures: Cambridge Industries Group, Freescale Semiconductor, Iamba Network, Ikanos Communications, LS Cable, XAVi Technologies, ZTE Corporation. Corning is providing a bend-insensitive fibre (built to ITU-T G.657 specs) based optical distribution network over which the 2488 Mbps/1244 Mbps (downstream/upstream) G-PON systems will be operating.

With PONs, signals are carried by lasers and sent to their destination without the need for active electronics in the outside plant of the telecommunications network. Carriers can realize significant savings with fiber sharing in the local loop, equipment sharing in the central office and by eliminating the dependence on expensive active network elements.

ITU-Ts G.984series Recommendations detail gigabit PONs (G-PON), the latest generation of PON technology. With gigabit capacity today and the ability to transparently support future capacity upgrades through ITU-T G.984.5 compatible overlays, ITU-T G.984-based systems should more than satisfy foreseeable customer demands. G-PON (ITU-T G.984.6) reach extender solutions allow operation over as much as 60 km of fiber, with split ratios as high as 1x128.