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 Monday, 02 October 2006
One of the most important ITU-T Recommendations emerging from the SG 13 meeting specifies the high level requirements and associated capabilities for NGN. Defining requirements is a fundamental and essential part of the standards making process. The document outlines the basic foundations necessary for NGN work to progress and, in particular, for supporting the service objectives of NGN Release 1.

So, for example: “The NGN transport stratum [Y.2012] shall use the IP protocol for general, ubiquitous, and global public connectivity. The IP protocol may be carried over various underlying transport technologies in the access and core portions of the transport stratum (eg. xDSL, ATM, MPLS, Frame Relay, OTN) according to the operator’s environment.”

Aligned with the general goals and objectives captured in the ITU’s definition of NGN published in Recommendation Y.2001 the proposed Recommendation (Y.2201), as well as other documents finalized in July, is an updated version of an output from the Focus Group on NGN (FG-NGN), November 2005.

Experts say that it is important to note that NGN standards authors will have used the requirements text agreed in November 2004 as a basis for their work. Publication as an ITU-T Recommendation will give legal (normative) status and has enabled some general refinement as well as updating particularly in the area of regulatory requirements.