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 Thursday, 12 February 2009
ITU will team up with ISO and IEC for a fourth time on  4-5 March 2009 to present the Fully Networked Car. The three organisations working together under the World Standards Cooperation (WSC) banner will host the workshop and exhibition at one of the world’s leading automotive events, the Geneva International Motor Show.

The question of how can ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies) in vehicles help mitigate and monitor climate change will be retained as a key theme for 2009. The Lightning Car Company has kindly agreed to display, as the key feature of the exhibition, its Lightning GT prototype electric vehicle to give special emphasis to the environmental theme.

Experts believe that more sophisticated traffic management and driver assistance systems can help reduce the environmental impact caused by motoring.

2009 will see keynote speeches from:
Burkhard Göschel, CTO, Magna International 
Jürgen Leohold, Executive Director Group Research, Volkswagen
Russ Shields, Chairman, Ygomi
Tadao Saito, CTO, Toyota InfoTechnology Center
Hermann Meyer, CEO, ERTICO (ITS Europe).

In general, the event will focus on (ICT) in motor vehicles and specifically standards that will facilitate the convergence of these industries.

ICT in vehicles represents a significant value-add for consumers in terms of safety, comfort and mobility. Predictions for the size of the market run into billions of dollars and stakeholders agree that standardization is key to the development of new technologies and that coordination between the traditionally remote vehicle manufacturing and ICT industries is crucial.

The Fully Networked Car brings together experts ranging from top decision-makers to engineers, designers, planners, government officials, regulators, standards experts and analysts. The workshop programme features speakers from some of the biggest names in the ICT and automobile industries.

The panel of high-level global experts that will frame the major issues and engage the audience in discussion come from companies including: Magna International, Toyota, ERTICO, Freescale Semiconductor, IEEE, Telcordia, Aachen University, Thinking Highways, Connexis, Daimler AG, Telecom Italia, Volkswagen, France Telecom/Orange, NXP Semiconductors and Harman/Becker Automotive Systems GmbH.

Among other topics to be discussed are car to x communication, safety and security and voice and audiovisual services.

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