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 Tuesday, 05 February 2013

An upcoming workshop on the Fully Networked Car, the eighth event in the series, will host an international selection of experts to discuss the latest developments in the intelligent transport space with a view to building consensus on the best path towards global standards for a safer, cleaner and far more connected driving experience. Responding to rapid progression in the sophistication of intelligent transport systems (ITS), the workshop’s discussions will conclude by setting the standardization agenda and industry priorities for the coming year.
Organized by IEC, ISO and ITU under the banner of the World Standards Cooperation, the “Fully Networked Car 2013 – The Future of Vehicles” is being held 6 March 2013 at Palexpo in Geneva. It will take place within the Geneva International Motor Show. With 6 March being the final press day of the Motor Show, workshop participants will gain exclusive insight into car manufacturers’ latest products as well as their visions of what consumers can expect in the future.
Fully Networked Car 2013 will be moderated for the second consecutive year by Richard Parry-Jones, a former executive at Ford Motor Company, and it will analyze developments in the automotive sphere with a particular focus on the ICT standardization needed to support recent advances in automotive ICTs. The workshop will assemble industry-leading minds from both the automotive and ICT communities; moving towards better collaboration by these industry sectors and thus more efficient development and adoption of the global standards needed to drive large-scale rollouts of ITS.
So-called “cooperative ITS” – in which vehicles communicate with each other and with the infrastructure around them – has the potential to enable more efficient traffic management, less congestion, fewer accidents and lower volumes of greenhouse gas emissions. Standards for cooperative ITS will thus be a central topic at March’s workshop, as will energy efficiency and standardization work concerning electric vehicles and smart grids.
Other key topics will be standardization to minimize driver distraction and enhance vehicle safety as the use and inclusion of ICTs in automobiles increases, as will comparisons of the tremendously different ITS challenges and opportunities encountered by developing and developed countries.
Registration to attend the event closes 22 February 2013.
More information is available here…
To drive the creation of an internationally accepted, globally harmonized set of ITS communication standards, ITU and other organizations with ITS activities have established an open collaboration group that next meets 21-22 March 2013 in Beijing, China.

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