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 Monday, 02 May 2005

Workshops and Seminars

Fibre-to-the-Premises Standards Showcase

Where: Chicago, USA
When: 6 - 9 June 2005

  • Promoting international standardization
  • Demonstrating new/interoperable equipment
  • Featuring High Definition Video (HDV), super-fast internet access and next-generation voice services

Supercomm, June 6-9, Chicago, USA will see ITU-T members, and guests stage an interoperability showcase for fibre to the premises (FTTP) related standards.

On show will be passive optical network (PON) equipment built according to the ITU-T G.984 and G.983 series of Recommendations. PON technology is used in the local loop to connect residential and SME end users premises in an all-fibre network.

With PONs, signals are carried by lasers and sent to their destination without the need for active electronics. Carriers can realize significant savings with fiber sharing in the distribution network, equipment sharing in the Central Office and by eliminating the dependence on expensive active network elements.

ITU-T Recommendations in the G.984 series detail gigabit PONs (G-PON), the latest generation of PON technology. Increasing capacity to gigabit levels should more than satisfy foreseeable customer demands, offering video applications, high-speed Internet access, multimedia and other high-bandwidth capabilities. G-PON maintains the same optical distribution network, wavelength plan and full-service network design principles of broadband PONs (B-PON) defined in ITU-T Rec G.983. And, as well as allowing for increased network capacity, the new standard offers more efficient IP and Ethernet handling.

17 vendors will show B-PON interoperability, products for G-PON, optical distribution network, testing and performance and video service equipment and set-top boxes.

Stand 86046.


  • B-PON interoperability, Central Office and Customer Premise Equipment
    • Entrisphere
    • Hitachi
    • Tellabs
    • Mitsubishi (ONT-only)
    • Motorola
    • Siemens
  • Extended B-PON
    • BroadLight 1.25 Gbit/s/622 Mbs
    • ECI Telecom ONT/OLT, 1.25 Gbs/622Mbs
    • Terawave Communications 622/622 Mbs
  • G-PON
    • FlexLight 2.4/1.2 Gbs
    • Optical Solutions 1.2Gbs/622Mbs
  • Optical Distribution Network
    • Corning
    • OFS
  • Testing and Performance
    • NTT-AT demonstrating their B-PON Conformance Tester to test conformance vendors? OLT/ONTs
    • Spirent enabling GR-303 emulation and telecommunication service performance measurement
  • Video service equipment and set-top-boxes
    • Harmonic
    • Skystream Networks
    • TUT Systems

Supported by the operators: BellSouth, NTT, Sprint, Telecom Italia and Verizon