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 Thursday, 12 May 2005

A recent meeting of Study Group 13, the lead study group on NGN, saw the establishment of a group that will ensure that work across ITU-T’s study groups is focused on delivering NGN standards in a timely and efficient way. Essentially the group will aim to see that standards are developed in the most appropriate place and that no duplication of effort occurs.

The ‘joint coordination activity’ (NGN-JCA) group initially consists of management representatives of study groups 2, 11, 13 and 19.

The meeting also saw agreement on a draft action plan to support the involvement of developing countries and countries with economies in transition in its work. This follows a mandate given by the world telecommunication standardization assembly (WTSA) to ensure that ITU-T's standardization work continues to address the digital divide between rich and poor countries. In line with Study Groups 15 and 16's recent announcements the move will ensure that developing countries' needs are taken into account in the development of standards.