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 Friday, 15 April 2011
ITUís Focus Group on Cloud Computing met last week with increased industry support for standards to support worldwide interoperability. Cloud security was also a key topic on the agenda of the group and especially relevant given that subscribing to a cloud model involves complete outsourcing of services and data. The meeting  identified these two topics, intercloud relationships and security, as important study items for ITU-T to take forward.
The Focus Group met at the same time as Google vice president, Vint Cerf addressed US National Institute of Standards and Technology's third cloud computing workshop in Gaithersburg, US telling them that cloud interoperability and security remain serious concerns (see here).
Industry experts forming the Focus Group have completed a survey of standards organizations focusing  on cloud and begun the process of identifying gaps that can be filled and where that work can be done. The meeting also saw the appointment of a new Vice-chairman: Olivier Colas, Microsoft.
Technical Specifications from the Focus Group are expected by end 2011. The group has identified 15 active organisations in Cloud Computing and established official liaisons with other SDOs including ISO, DMTF, CSA, NIST. The Focus Group has identified several work items to be developed within ITU-T including;  the cloud ecosystem; security; cloud architecture; cloud networking; inter-cloud relationships; eco-friendly cloud; accessibility;  cloud terminal and cloud management.


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