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 Wednesday, 14 March 2012

ITU-Tís Focus Group on Cloud Computing has completed its preliminary study into cloud computingís standardization ecosystem and has released its FG Cloud Technical Report (Parts 1 to 7)  . The reports signal the conclusion of the Focus Groupís study period and its findings come to form input for the cloud computing work taking place across the ITU-T under the leadership of Study Group 13 (Future Networks), overseen by the Joint Coordination Activity on Cloud Computing.
Clear industry demand for the technology and the promise of new revenues to ICT players has led to great market optimism, with one forecast predicting that global cloud IP traffic will account for more than one-third of total data center traffic by 2015. Cisco Global Cloud Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2010Ė2015.
International standards will be key to ensuring a competitive market for cloud service provision, one where services are affordable and the clouds offered by different vendors interoperate. FG Cloudís Technical Reports provide a detailed overview of cloud computing standardization and benefits from telecommunication and ICT perspectives. Two new cloud services categories are identified, communication and network as a service (CaaS and NaaS). In addition, cloud ecosystems and a first ICT cloud reference architecture are defined. These outputs will form a strong reference base for the ITU-T Study Groups engaged with cloud standards development.
Technical Reports - seven separate but complementary reports:

1)            Introduction to the cloud ecosystem: definitions, taxonomies, use cases and high-level requirements
2)            Functional requirements and reference architecture
3)            Requirements and framework architecture of cloud infrastructure
4)            Cloud resource management gap analysis
5)            Cloud security
6)            Overview of SDOs involved in cloud computing
7)            Cloud computing benefits from telecommunication and ICT perspectives
The interest sparked by ITUís cloud computing work has resulted in several new memberships. For more on our cloud activities, please see the ITU Joint Coordination Activity on Cloud Computing, ITU-T Study Group 13  (Future networks) and other Study Groups 17, 2, 5.


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