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 Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Clarifications regarding work on MPLS functionality to address the needs of the transport network were made at the December meeting of Study Group 15 (see previous newslog entry) with experts from the IETF and ITU-T present.

The two organizations have been working on the development of a transport profile for MPLS technology referred to as “MPLS-TP”.

IETF and ITU management have again underlined their commitment to work together in the interest of the ICT industry and its customers.

Key agreements are clarified in a document here.

In summary it says:

  • There is no agreement, or proposal to cancel or deprecate the [ITU-T] T-MPLS Recommendations currently in force.
  • It was clarified that the statement that ITU-T would "terminate work on current T-MPLS" should be understood to mean that ITU-T will not undertake any further work to progress T-MPLS.
  • There is no intent to prevent the ITU-T from having a future role in MPLS-TP standardization.

The following agreements were reached concerning current T-MPLS:

  • The current T-MPLS Recommendations remain in force, unchanged, until the next updates that will result in aligning them with the jointly developed MPLS-TP architecture.
  • There will be no other update (amendment, revision) to these Recommendations prior to the ones for aligning with MPLS-TP, at which time the name will be changed to reflect the new content.

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