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 Thursday, 20 September 2012

In support of the “International Year for Sustainable Energy for All”, ITU together with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the University of Genoa has issued a new report, “Boosting energy efficiency through Smart Grids”. This report, which was officially launched at the second ITU Green Standards Week held in Paris, France  on 17-21 September, details how information and communication technologies (ICT) help mitigate climate change by making energy management more efficient.

ICTs represent the pillars for the development of a “smarter” electric grid, which can help meet the challenge of delivering electricity more efficiently and reliably in our societies and extending the reach of electrical services to worldwide regions that are still excluded.

“This report gives a brief understanding about the possible path toward “green” ICT, which is the implementation of power-aware and conscious devices for communication and information management”, say Franco Davoli, Matteo Repetto, University of Genoa, Italy; Carlo Tornelli, Gianluigi Proserpio, RSE, Milan, Italy and Flavio Cucchietti, Telecom Italia, authors of the report.

Smart grids also represent an opportunity for developing countries in the deployment of new electricity infrastructure by enabling more efficient operation and lower costs, allowing them to manage peak demand and to prevent electricity theft.

ITU–T Study Group 5 (Environment and climate change) is encouraged to take the lead and work in cooperation with the major standardization bodies in the ICT and electrical fields to provide standardized directives on design and power-saving requirements for next-generation ICT devices and installations.

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