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 Thursday, 22 April 2010
ITU-Ts Study Group 17 will hold a workshop Addressing security challenges on a global scale in Geneva, 6 (afternoon)-7 December 2010.  The event will focus on how ITU and other standards developing organizations (SDOs) address the main challenges of information and communication security.

A call for abstracts with a deadline for 15 June 2010 has been issued with suggested topics including:
    Emerging applications of PKI
    Collaboration for ICT security standardization
    Developing countries challenges
    Cloud computing: Threat or opportunity
    The cloud in the telecom space
    Identity in the cloud
    Smart grid security
    Assurance, making cybersecurity measurable
    Identity management (IdM)
    CIRTs, sharing of information
    Security awareness
    IPv6 Security
    Telebiometrics standardization
    Meeting regulatory obligations
The workshop is also expected to provide a good opportunity to overview new areas of security studies including Smart Grid and Cloud Computing.

SG 17 aims to hold a similar workshop on annual basis from now on.

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