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 Thursday, 15 September 2005

9th meeting of the Focus Group on Next Generation Networks (FGNGN)
Gatwick, London, United Kingdom,
14 17 November 2005

As endorsed at the meeting of FGNGN (24 August 2 September 2005), and at the kind invitation of BT with co-sponsorship from some industry members, the 9th meeting of the FGNGN will be held  from 14 to 17 November 2005 inclusive at the Hilton London Gatwick Airport, Gatwick, London, United Kingdom.

The meeting will begin at 09:00 am on the 14th November 2005. Detailed information concerning the meeting rooms will be displayed at the entrance of the venue. The discussions will be held in English only in accordance with the working procedures agreed by the FGNGN.

The 9th FGNGN meeting will be followed by  a one-day event  sponsored by some industry  members at the same venue on Friday the 18th November 2005. More information about the event will be available from:

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