-- ASN module extracted from ITU-T X.694 (11/2008)

EXAMPLES {joint-iso-itu-t asn1(1) examples(999) xml-defined-types(3)} DEFINITIONS XER INSTRUCTIONS AUTOMATIC TAGS ::= BEGIN IMPORTS String, Decimal, Int, Date, AnyType FROM XSD {joint-iso-itu-t asn1(1) specification(0) modules(0) xsd-module(2) version1(1)}; /* For a Version 2 mapping, the last component of the module identifier would be version2(2) */ EXAMPLES ::= SEQUENCE { personnelRecord PersonnelRecord, number Decimal, daysOfTheWeek ListOfDays, namesOfMemberNations NamesOfMemberNations, fileIdentifier-list [UNTAGGED] SEQUENCE (SIZE(1..MAX)) OF fileidentifier FileIdentifier } PersonnelRecord ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] SEQUENCE { name Name, title XSD.String, number INTEGER, dateOfHire XSD.Date, nameOfSpouse NameOfSpouse, children Children } NameOfSpouse ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] Name Name ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] SEQUENCE { givenName XSD.String, initial XSD.String, familyName XSD.String } Children ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] SEQUENCE { childInformation-list [UNTAGGED] SEQUENCE OF childInformation [NAME AS CAPITALIZED] ChildInformation } ChildInformation ::= SEQUENCE { name Name, dateOfBirth XSD.Date } ListOfDays ::= [LIST] SEQUENCE OF Day Day ::= ENUMERATED { friday, monday, saturday, sunday, thursday, tuesday, wednesday } -- Note that specifies use of a lexicographical order, as -- the members of an enumeration are not ordered in an XML Schema NamesOfMemberNations ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] [LIST] SEQUENCE OF XSD.String (FROM({0, 0, 0, 33}..{0, 16, 255, 253})) FileIdentifier ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] SEQUENCE { choice [UNTAGGED] CHOICE { serialNumber XSD.Int, relativeName XSD.String, unidentified Unidentified } } Unidentified ::= [NAME AS UNCAPITALIZED] XSD.AnyType ENCODING-CONTROL XER GLOBAL-DEFAULTS MODIFIED-ENCODINGS GLOBAL-DEFAULTS CONTROL-NAMESPACE "http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" PREFIX "xsi" TEXT Day:ALL END