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1: ISO 12620:1999

"Computer applications in terminology – Data categories":
    Terminological data are all over product information and other kind of business information. Managing terminology is one of the key factors in making product information (occurring in product classifications, electronic catalogues, product documentation, etc.) more efficient, improving quality and cost saving. In addition information systems in e-business in the age of globalization must be multilingual from the outset, which makes the application of terminological data, methods and tools are indispensable. Beside, terminological data categories (data elements) also occur in product and other business information systems.

2: ISO 12200:1999

"Computer applications in terminology – Machine-readable terminology interchange format (MARTIF): Negotiated interchange".
    MARTIF to some extent also applies to multilingual product and other business data interchange.

3: ISO/DIS 16642

"Computer applications in terminology – Terminology markup framework (TMF)"
    TMF offers an approach – i.e. a meta-model – which could be used (in adapted form) to other types of data and data models (especially comprising multilingual data), where heterogeneous data models have emerged or may emerge over time. Such meta-models can assure interoperability of data and data structures to a high even across heterogeneous systems to quite a (measurable) extent.

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