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Table of Draft New/Revised Recommendations under AAP  

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Study Group: 9  

Rec #TitleLast Call (LC)Additional Review (AR)Study Group (SG)Current Status
LC StartLC EndLC ResultLJ ResultAR StartAR EndAR ResultAJ ResultSG DateSG Result
J.94Service information for digital broadcasting in cable television systems2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.196.2Physical layer specification of second generation HiNoC2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.196.3Media Access Control (MAC) layer specification of second generation HiNoC2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.223.2Cabinet DOCSIS (C-DOCSIS) System Specification2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.230Requirements for platform functionalities on the integration of cable STB and companion devices including mobile second screen devices2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.297Requirements and functional specification of cable set top box for 4K ultra high definition television2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.302System Specifications of Augmented Reality Smart Television Service2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.1006Specification of IP-VOD DRM for cable television multiscreen system in Multi-DRM environment2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.1104Control specification for IP-based switched digital video using Data Over Cable Service Interface Specifications2016-09-162016-10-13LC
J.1105Requirement of channel switching service over Hybrid Fiber and Coaxial based network2016-09-162016-10-13LC
Total 10 Recommendations under AAP
Note: AAP Status Code
  A - Approved  LC - Last Call
  AC - Approved with Substantial Changes  LJ - Last Call Judgment (includes Last Call Comment resolution)
  AJ - Additional Review Judgment  NA - Not Approved
  AR - Additional Review  RI - Re-Initiate Last Call
  AT - Approved with Typographical Corrections  SG - Referred to Study Group Approval
  C - Consented  TAP - Moved to TAP (ITU-T A.8 / §5.2)