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Table of Draft New/Revised Recommendations under AAP  

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Study Group: All  

SGRec #TitleLast Call (LC)Additional Review (AR)Study Group (SG)Current Status
LC StartLC EndLC ResultLJ ResultAR StartAR EndAR ResultAJ ResultSG DateSG Result
5K.44 (2012) Amd.2Resistibility tests for telecommunication equipment exposed to overvoltages and overcurrents - Amendment 22015-11-162015-12-13LC
5K.59EMC, resistibility and safety requirements and procedures for connection to unbundled cables2015-11-162015-12-13LC
5K.60Emission levels and test methods for wireline telecommunication networks to minimize electromagnetic disturbance of radio services2015-11-162015-12-13LC
5K.67Expected surges on telecommunication networks due to lightning2015-11-162015-12-13LC
5K.110Lightning protection of the dedicated transformer for radio base station2015-11-162015-12-13LC
5K.112Lightning protection, earthing and bonding: practical procedures for radio base station2015-11-162015-12-13LC
5L.1002External universal power adapter solutions for portable information and communication technology devicesC
5L.1203Colour and marking identification of up to 400VDC power distribution for ICT systems2015-11-162015-12-13LC
5L.1503Information and communication technologies for climate change adaptation in cities2015-11-012015-11-28LJLJ
5L.1600Overview of key performance indicators in smart sustainable citiesC
5L.1601Key performance indicators related to the use of information and communication technology in smart sustainable citiesC
5L.1602Key performance indicators related to the sustainability impacts of information and communication technology in smart sustainable citiesC
15G.989.2 (2014) Amd.140-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks 2 (NG-PON2): Physical media dependent (PMD) layer specification: Amendment 12015-07-162015-08-12LJLJ
15G.997.2 (2015) Amd.1Physical layer management for transceivers: Amendment 12015-08-012015-08-28LJLJ
15G.7712/Y.1703 (2010) Amd.2Architecture and specification of data communication network: Amendment 22015-07-162015-08-12LJLJ
15G.9701 (2014) Amd.1Fast access to subscriber terminals ( - Physical layer specification: Amendment 12015-08-012015-08-28LJLJ
15G.9977Mitigation of interference between DSL and PLC2015-08-012015-08-28LJLJ
15G.9979 (2014) Amd.1Implementation of the generic mechanism in the IEEE 1905.1a 2014 Standard to include applicable ITU-T Recommendations: Amendment 12015-08-012015-08-28LJLJ
16H.222.0 (2014) Amd.2Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: Carriage of layered HEVC2015-11-162015-12-13LC
16H.222.0 (2014) Amd.3Information technology - Generic coding of moving pictures and associated audio information: Systems: Carriage of green metadata in MPEG-2 systems2015-11-162015-12-13LC
16H.248.66Gateway control protocol: Packages for RTSP and H.248 interworkingC
16H.248.74Gateway control protocol: Media resource control enhancement packagesC
16H.248.98Gateway control protocol: Support of remote media pause and resumeC
16H.264 (V10)Advanced video coding for generic audiovisual servicesC
16H.264.1 (V6)Conformance specification for ITU-T H.264 advanced video codingC
16H.264.2 (V6)Reference software for ITU-T H.264 advanced video codingC
16H.265.2 (V2)Reference software for ITU-T H.265 high efficiency video codingC
Total 27 Recommendations under AAP
Note: AAP Status Code
  A - Approved  LC - Last Call
  AC - Approved with Substantial Changes  LJ - Last Call Judgment (includes Last Call Comment resolution)
  AJ - Additional Review Judgment  NA - Not Approved
  AR - Additional Review  RI - Re-Initiate Last Call
  AT - Approved with Typographical Corrections  SG - Referred to Study Group Approval
  C - Consented  TAP - Moved to TAP (ITU-T A.8 / §5.2)