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Table of Draft New/Revised Recommendations under AAP  

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Study Group: All  

SGRec #TitleLast Call (LC)Additional Review (AR)Study Group (SG)Current Status
LC StartLC EndLC ResultLJ ResultAR StartAR EndAR ResultAJ ResultSG DateSG Result
5L.1002External universal power adapter solutions for portable information and communication technology devices2014-01-162014-02-12LJLJ
5L.1500Framework for information and communication technologies (ICTs) and adaptation to the effects of climate change2014-01-162014-02-12LJLJ
9J.369.1Residential SIP Telephony Provisioning, Activation, Configuration and Management SpecificationC
12P.863Perceptual objective listening quality assessmentC
12P.863.1Application Guide for Recommendation ITU-T P.863C
12P.1201.2 (Cor.1)Parametric non-intrusive assessment of audiovisual media streaming quality - Higher resolution application area: Corrigendum 12014-04-012014-04-28LC
13Y.2066Common requirements of Internet of Things2014-03-162014-04-12LJLJ
13Y.2067Common requirements and capabilities of a gateway for Internet of Things applications2014-03-162014-04-12LJLJ
13Y.3300Framework of Software-Defined Networking2014-03-162014-04-12LJLJ
13Y.3503Requirements for desktop as a service2014-03-162014-04-12LJLJ
15G.798 (2012) Amd.1Characteristics of optical transport network hierarchy equipment functional blocks: Amendment 12014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.808.1Generic protection switching - Linear trail and subnetwork protection2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.873.1Optical Transport Network (OTN): Linear protection2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.976Test methods applicable to optical fibre submarine cable systems2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.979 (2010) Cor.1Characteristics of monitoring systems for optical submarine cable systems: Corrigendum 12014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.984.5Gigabit-capable passive optical networks (GPON): Enhancement band2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.988 (2012) Amd.1ONU management and control interface (OMCI) specification: Amendment 1 - Maintenance2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.989.240-Gigabit-capable passive optical networks 2 (NG-PON2): Physical media dependent (PMD) layer specification2014-01-162014-02-12SG2014-04-04(RI) Re-InitiatedRI
15G.994.1 (2012) Amd.4Handshake procedures for digital subscriber line transceivers: Amendment 4 - Additional codepoints for the support of G.fast2013-12-162014-01-12LJSG2014-04-04(RI) Re-InitiatedRI
15G.8051/Y.1345 (2013) Amd.1Management aspects of the Ethernet Transport (ET) capable network element: Amendment 12014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8131/Y.1382Linear protection switching for MPLS transport profile (MPLS-TP)2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8260 (2012) Amd.2Definitions and terminology for synchronization in packet networks: Amendment 22014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8261.1/Y.1361.1 (2012) Amd.1Packet Delay Variation Network Limits applicable to Packet Based Methods (Frequency Synchronization): Amendment 12014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8263/Y.1363 (2012) Amd.2Timing characteristics of packet-based equipment clocks: Amendment 22014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8264/Y.1364Distribution of timing information through packet networks2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8265.1/Y.1365.1Precision time protocol telecom profile for frequency synchronization2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8271.1/Y.1366.1 (2013) Amd.1Network limits for time synchronization in Packet networks: Amendment 12014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8273/Y.1368 (2013) Cor.1Framework of phase and time clocks: Corrigendum 12014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8273.2/Y.1368.2Timing characteristics of telecom boundary clocks and telecom time slave clocks2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.8275.1/Y.1369.1Precision time protocol telecom profile for phase/time synchronization with full timing support from the network2014-04-162014-05-13LC
15G.9701Fast Access to Subscriber Terminals ( - Physical layer specification2014-01-162014-02-12SG2014-04-04(RI) Re-InitiatedRI
15G.9962Unified high-speed wire-line based home networking transceivers - Management specification2013-12-162014-01-12LJSG2014-04-04(RI) Re-InitiatedRI
15G.9979ITU-T Extension to the IEEE 1905.1 2013 Standard2013-12-162014-01-12LJSG2014-04-04(RI) Re-InitiatedRI
15L.93An optical fibre cable maintenance support, monitoring and testing system for optical fibre cable networks for trunk lines2014-04-162014-05-13LC
17X.696Information technology - ASN.1 encoding rules: Specification of Octet Encoding Rules (OER)C
17X.906Information technology - Open distributed processing - Use of UML for ODP system specificationsC
17X.911Information technology - Open distributed processing - Reference model - Enterprise languageC
Total 37 Recommendations under AAP
Note: AAP Status Code
  A - Approved  LC - Last Call
  AC - Approved with Substantial Changes  LJ - Last Call Judgment (includes Last Call Comment resolution)
  AJ - Additional Review Judgment  NA - Not Approved
  AR - Additional Review  RI - Re-Initiate Last Call
  AT - Approved with Typographical Corrections  SG - Referred to Study Group Approval
  C - Consented  TAP - Moved to TAP (ITU-T A.8 / §5.2)