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Question R/17 - Open Distributed Processing (ODP)
(continuation of Questions 26/17 and 27/17 studied during 2001-2004)

1. Motivation

A key aspect of telecommunication systems development is the availability of software to support open distributed processing. Provision of open distributed processing requires standardization of reference models, architectures, functions, interfaces and languages for specifying these.

Maintenance of Recommendation Z.600 and X.900-series of Recommendations - X.901, X.902, X.903, X.904, X.910, X.911, X.930, X.931, X.950, X.952, and X.960 - is required. (X.920-series is maintained by Question M/17.)

2. Question

Maintain the Z.600 and X.900-series of Recommendations.

Which additional architectural frameworks, architectures, functions, interfaces and languages are necessary to extend and complement the RM-ODP for the construction of secure, real-time, and dependable open distributed systems ?

The major work on the Question is to be conducted jointly with ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7. 

Close cooperation with the Object Management Group (OMG) is required.

NOTE - Since OMG is qualified under ITU-T Recs. A.4 and A.5 and has obtained PAS submitter status in ISO/IEC, work carried out in future under this Question should take proper account of OMG developments, and the work program should be developed, as far as possible, in complete consistency with OMG. 

3. Tasks

1) Develop Recommendation X.906 | ISO/IEC 19793, Information technology – Open Distributed Processing – Use of UML for ODP system specifications. The collaborative plan for development is a draft in May 2004, ISO first CD in December 2004, ISO FCD in May 2005, ITU-T consent late 2005, ISO FDIS 2005/2006.

2) Maintenance of Z.600- and X.900-series of Recommendations as needed.

4. Relationships

Recommendations:  - 

Questions: M/17, N/17, O/17, P/17 and Q/17.

Study Groups: ITU-T SGs 4, 11, 13, 16 and SSG

Standardization Bodies: ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 7/WG 19; OMG


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